Since 2003 Global Marketing Group has delivered aesthetically superior design, manufacturing excellence and strict quality control with a mandate to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Creating innovative displays that achieve sales goals and reinforce your brand image is what we're all about.

David Wiesenfeld founded Global Marketing Group after 30 years of industry experience. 

Today he controls the organization with a vision that employs a more tailored engagement with our valued clients. We call his vision "targeted partnering." By identifying the unique needs of our clients and aligning with specific GMG factories and suppliers around the world to fill those needs, we can promise a more efficient, cost effective, and higher-quality product. 



David Wiesenfeld

Richard Morrell
VP Sales

Kristen Smith
Sales  Manager

David Chou
VP Asian Operations

Karen Wandner
VP Finance

Martin Bonventre
VP Production

Karen Pensec
VP Communications